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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

(Alternate post title: Seattle residents views on the Immigration Debate) From the Saturday Seattle Times ‘Letters to the Editor’ section Self-conquering heroes I cannot bear to read the words “illegal immigrants” or worse, “illegal aliens,” one more time. Those of … Continue reading

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Motivational Transportation 2

When I signed off yesterday, I was telling you about the poor selection of vehicles that interested me at Miss Alicia’s car lot on Wednesday. I neglected to tell you that I was able to find nearly exactly what I … Continue reading

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One does have to wonder

What the these two will have to do to please the international press? I’m pretty sure that showing their ability to remember the dance steps to “Singing in the Rain” isn’t it, though.

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I’d believe they’re planning for the future

But I rate most news from Russia right next to The Midnight Star in terms of accuracy and reliability. Russia to Supply Ammunition to Afghanistan at U.S. Request U.S. defense officials have secretly requested a “prodigious quantity” of ammunition from … Continue reading

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Motivational Transportation

Here’s what I’ve been dealing with this last week: I need a new car. I’ve been driving my old car for close to seven years, it has 110,000 miles now and it is not only starting to look the part, but things are going … Continue reading

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Now That’s Classy!

Found via Craig at MTPolitics Diners don’t chicken out at PETA’s clucking A human inside an injured chicken costume, hobbling in protest on the sidewalk Wednesday in front of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, didn’t achieve the desired effect, according … Continue reading

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A Lack of Credibility

By now I’m sure you’ve read about Iraq Veterans Against War poser MacBeth faking that he was a US Army Ranger/SpecFor/BoogieMan whatever. If not, I’m sure that rock you’ve been under probably stinks something fierce and you need to get … Continue reading

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Because you know it wasn’t enough

Seeing as how they know that they can’t ambush him with the question during the 2008 debates, I’m giving the mainstream press a week before they ask Bush if he has any more regrets. On a side note, I’m thinking that … Continue reading

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Bacon, Bananas and Toast

Well, if AK can post about tuna fish sandwiches, I figure I can toss my family’s secret recipe out into the blogosphere. This is excellent rocket fuel for a busy Saturday working in the yard. Bacon, Bananas and Toast: 3 slices … Continue reading

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I think I missed a day there

But what with all the kick ass stuff David posted yesterday, I doubt you missed me. I had, quite literally, nothing on which to post about, then I got home and saw what David did and decided not to wreck it, … Continue reading

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