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T S has H T F

Well, not quite. But I notice that Drudge finally linked Tuesday to this report of possible human-to-human H5N1 transmission in Indonesia. Survivalblog‘s been following this story since last week…. Even if this cluster of cases does not turn out to be true … Continue reading

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The Trifecta

The Heartless Libertarian has a post up about the trip he and I made to the gunshow on Sunday and shows off his purchase. Go Look! Go Look! Go Look!

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You are a Coward

At least, if Klueless Kos Kid Zack Exley has his way, that’ll be the message the Dems will run with in 08. Message for ’08 Dems: Only cowards think we’re at war The American people are not cowards. They are … Continue reading

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Two Wrongs

And take a left (wing approach to your decisions). That is about all I can get out of the 9th Circus’ decision to first, ban the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, since saying the words “Under God” was a … Continue reading

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In the dictionary

Next to the definition of “Wuss” is a picture of Canadian MP, Pat Martin Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s motorcade has acquired a presidential look. But one MP says the big black SUV now cruising at the rear of the entourage … Continue reading

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A Lack of Empathy is the Least of My Worries

Ace blogged about a Harvard study yesterday that shows liberal’s brains (you know, those squishy things in their skulls that they rarely, if ever, use) get warm fuzzies when they think of or hear about their fellow libtards, but get all twisted when … Continue reading

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