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Head down. Pushing forward

The first unfinished project I walked into at the new job is a custom fabrication of an interior for a food truck. I hate this vehicle with a passion and worry that if I ever see it on the street … Continue reading

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Those childhood memories

I put this on the bookface, but no one responded to it, so I likely screwed up the post. Hopefully someone will enjoy it here. I was going through some old photos my sister sent me a while back and … Continue reading

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Not going quite as planned

It was an interesting week at the new job. First, the guy who was going to stick around for 2-3 weeks to help get me transitioned and caught up quit on Tuesday. Apparently, he thinks I’m quite capable. Second, the … Continue reading

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And so it begins

Friday was my last day of work at my first professional welding job after finishing my degree. Today is my first at my second. A couple weeks ago I emailed one of my former instructors and told him I was … Continue reading

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It would seem

That Switzerland has a functional school system Swiss Reject Plan to Give Themselves a Guaranteed Basic Income Swiss voters rejected by a wide margin on Sunday a proposal to introduce a guaranteed basic income for everyone living in the wealthy … Continue reading

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