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And to think

They were once called “Great”. The British press should be regulated by an independent group supported by law and with the power to fine, a judge recommended Thursday in a long-awaited report sparked by a phone-hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s … Continue reading

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If one standard is good

Two must be better, right!?! Seumas Milne, an Associate Editors of The Guardian newspaper (aka: Al Guardian) says that it is OK for the palestinians to kill Israeli civilians with random rocket fire because they are not “intentionally” attacking civilian … Continue reading

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Guess What, You’re Stupid

A group of social scientists said so Studies Reveal that Conservatism is Promoted When People Rely on ‘Low-Effort’ Thinking Expect to have this bandied about for the next couple weeks. Hit the link to see how flimsy the data set … Continue reading

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Doesn’t everybody know this?

Ruben Navarette, of the AP, wrote an Op-Ed stating what any sane person knows to be the truth: The Democrat Party is the roadblock to true immigration reform. They know that if immigration reform is passed, then they will have … Continue reading

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Sad, Yet Interesting

From the AP A group of lawmakers has urged the Justice Department to respect recent votes in Colorado and Washington state allowing the recreational use of marijuana, and some introduced a bill to ensure that happens. Democratic U.S. Rep. Diana … Continue reading

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Oh, Hell No!

Our elections are a mess. Some states are still counting ballots they’ve “found” and recounts abound every election season. However, the idea that we need an expansion of the Federal Elections Commission in order to have federal oversight of elections … Continue reading

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Proof they’re just being vindictive

The standard Republican idea for “balancing the federal budget” is to not increase tax rates but instead cut out deductions and loopholes in the tax system, thereby simplifying it. The Democrats whine, cry and moan that “The Rich” still wouldn’t … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/20/12

The last line of this is what got me. And apparently, Lyle at UltiMAK as well. Note that those on the far Left have the delusion that they are besieged, when in fact they control the state, they control the … Continue reading

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Make Lanes. Not War.

As in any moderately sized or larger metropolitan area, Seattle and King County have been waging a war on cars for decades. Bruce L. Nurse, VP of Transportation for the Kemper Development Corporation got to write an Op-Ed on this … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 11/15/12

Found @ Samizdata Nobody pretends that hiking these taxes means “ordinary people” will have less tax to pay. But most folk still believe that companies can be made to pay taxes, shifting the burden away from the rest of us. … Continue reading

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