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Packing the Pack

Not sure what to take camping, or how big of a bag you need, or what you’ll need for what environment?  Then check out Campmor’s BackPack Checklist! Good place to start when putting your bug-out bag together, as well.  

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It figures

That a standard grade /b/tard was able to figure it out before the “smartest” of Democrats

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Science Fair WIN!

This is truly awesome, especially if you are a fan of Time Bandits.

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Have Gun, Will Travel

My PoliSci 202 essay has finally been graded and returned. And as promised, it is posted and now resides below the fold. If you want a link or other connection to any of the info presented within the essay, send … Continue reading

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What was the Panic of 1857 about, again?

It now seems that the 21st century will resemble the 19th and early 20th centuries, with periodic panics and runs on financial institutions, perhaps followed by deflationary collapses. In the euro zone, these problems have plagued banks and entire countries, … Continue reading

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Apple’s FaceTime is Awesome for the Deaf Community

My brother-in-law Sammy Ruiz, former World Deaf Magician, is staying with us while in town for a magic performance. The first thing he asked me for was the login and password to our in-home Wi-Fi network so he could use … Continue reading

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Dig, if you will, a picture…

Attorney General Eric Holser, appointed by President George W. Bush, is amidst a scandal wherein the Justice Department, the BATFE and the Department of Education approved a program that ferried thousands of firearms into schools in advance of a federally … Continue reading

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Good Geeky Fun

This weekend, I get to be a judge at the FIRST Robotics Competition!  It’s at the Century Link Stadium this Friday & Saturday.  It’s open to the public, so if you have the time & want to see robots playing … Continue reading

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Food Police

Bloomberg Strikes Again: NYC Bans Food Donations To The Homeless Control the healthcare – Check. Control the food – Check. Just missing outlawing cash transactions for the Big Brother Trifecta. Thank God (or in Phil’s case, Cthulhu) that we have … Continue reading

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In case anyone wants to add 2 cents

A discussion over Stand Your Ground laws Re: the Zimmerman shooting in FL.

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