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A group in Russia is making a project of marking the last residences of people murdered by the Soviet regime with plaques. The rectangular plaques are small and simple. Etched into the metal there is a name, date of birth … Continue reading

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So simple

A welder can do it. A couple weeks back I discovered that my EOTech was not firing up as it should. I opened the battery cover to find this A battery took a leak all over the insides. Having never … Continue reading

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It is said

That if you live your life without making enemies, you did it wrong. Antonin Scalia did it right Antonin Scalia’s Enemies Only Prove His Greatness Scalia was a good Catholic, and a sine qua non of good Catholicism is recognizing that one … Continue reading

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Infinite Sadness

I regret to inform you that Buster, our big friendly couch monster of nearly four years has passed on. Buster was a handsome fellow who came to us from a local rescue where he was staying with his brother, Chance. … Continue reading

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I swear

Running a website can be like trying to figure out how to keep one of those Cadillac V8-6-4 “Variable Displacement” engines working properly. So, I re-registered the domain (last time we went down), then the registration folks went back to … Continue reading

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Irony so thick

It’s actually made of iron. Black Lives Matter meetings run afoul of library’s policy Library officials have told Nashville’s chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement that meetings restricting those who attend by race aren’t allowed on public property. The … Continue reading

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The Last Act

Of a desperate adversary? Quite possibly. Now that the standoff in Oregon is over, the anti-civil rights leftists have connected the dots and think that they have discovered a unicorn. It is time to demand that the NRA open their … Continue reading

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A Victory for Democracy

The EPA wrote a fat stack of new regulations on how coal plants are to operate in the near future that would shut a large percentage of them down. This caused the corporations who operate them to call their lawyers … Continue reading

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Stupid Politician Tricks

When you you have to monetize good behavior in adults, it means there is something wrong with how they were raised as children. DC bill would pay people stipends to not commit crimes They say crime doesn’t pay, but that … Continue reading

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The victimhood never ends

Is there such a thing as Heterophobia? San Francisco Gays Want “Tech Bros” Out of Their Neighborhoods San Francisco, the gay capital of America, is facing invasion from so-called “tech bros,” according to residents of the city’s famous gay districts … Continue reading

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