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Because It’s A Cali Gun

Some time ago, Lyle wondered why all the interest in AR or AK pistols, rather than just going the SBR route. With shall-issue-in-all-but-name Licenses to Carry (LTC) becoming more prevalent in certain California counties, here’s a justification: put the AR … Continue reading

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RNS QUote of the Day: 05/31/12

On the topic of the Eurozone…. ….I have long believed that the European Union, when it finally collapses, will do so all at once. All the power and all the money that these fanatics have under their control will all … Continue reading

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It is with Sadness that I have to deliver the message of a passing at RNS Blogstation Tacoma. Actually two of them. It has been rather a bad month. The Monday before Boomershoot we had to take Ms. Buttersworth, our … Continue reading

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This was found on my driveway this morning next to our Wall Street Journal, rolled tightly in a rubber band so you couldn’t see what it was until you opened it. The front page has helpful articles on how foreigners … Continue reading

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You know it

But some folks don’t. Feel free to pass it along.

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Memorial Day 2012

John Kelly’s Remarks to the Gold Star Parents, from February 2012, delivered by Lt. Gen. John Kelly, USMC, Senior Military Assistant to the Secretary of Defense. I never met any of your loved ones …your sons and daughters, brothers and … Continue reading

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Memorial Day:on Omaha Beach

Rachel Lucas has one of the best travelogues of the D-Day beaches I’ve ever read. Amazing photos, too. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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Driving Bliss

Yet another reason to visit Romania. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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Modern Reading Done Right

“…a thrilling story of discovery, in which one manuscript, plucked from a thousand years of neglect, changed the course of human thought and made possible the world as we know it.” If you’re looking for compelling weekend reading, my old … Continue reading

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Now you know

Actually, some of you Browncoats probably already know this. I only found out last night.

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