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Fumee d’Ambre Gris

As a kid, I fell in love with this painting. Now, thanks to the magic of giclee reproductions, a close-enough-to-the-original-not-to-matter reproduction hangs in our parlor — matted, framed, and less than $200 shipped from Accents-N-Art. There are other vendors doing … Continue reading

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Droool…. Yeah, it involves major surgery to your Garand receiver. So what? Gunsmith who does it at the link. You’ll have to sign up for FAL Files Forums, but why aren’t you already, hm? Now if you could work a … Continue reading

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Baby Elephant Seals!

Alison Hayward found ’em, latched onto their mamas, near San Simeon on the California coast. If we ever get all the ridiculous gun-bigotry excised from this state, it’s still a pretty awesome place to live.

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More work, Less play

Need to pass out so I can start work early and get home before the PST ball drops. You and yours have a good day and safe night and we’ll you on the other side of midnight.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 12/31/09

There used to be two daily newspapers in Seattle. A liberal one, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and a not quite as liberal one, the Seattle Times. The P-I went under not too long ago and was sorely missed by the local … Continue reading

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The Drums of Anthrax

Not what you metalheads are thinking A New Hampshire woman diagnosed with a rare gastrointestinal anthrax case may have swallowed spores propelled into the air by vigorous drumming, a state health expert said. Officials haven’t confirmed how the woman contracted … Continue reading

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Refusing to adhere to our national history

For reasons unknown to me, one of the Crooks and Liars frontpagers decided that yesterday was a good day to reminisce about 1951. Among the items from 1951 that were noted: The Cold War,  MacArthur being relived of his command … Continue reading

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Missing the Logic Train

A company named Canopy Financial, which specializes in Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s), had its CEO run off with a large chunk of money from people’s accounts. Definitely a bad thing. Bad CEO. He needs to go to jail for a … Continue reading

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Getting Requests

I’m getting emails from folks wondering why I haven’t yet blogged about the E.O. President Obama signed that essentially gives INTERPOL carte blanche on US soil. What is there really to say about it that the pros haven’t said? We … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 12/30/09

Snarkurity Theater For some years after 9/11, passengers were forbidden to get up and use the lavatory on the Washington-New York shuttle. Zero tolerance! I suppose it must eventually have occurred to somebody that this ban would not deter a … Continue reading

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