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Happy New Year!

Be safe out there folks! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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A Happy Singleton 2011

I have had a devil of a time finding my new favorite single-malt outside of a bar, but my friend Porus spent the afternoon searching it out as a surprise! Thank you!!! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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New Peace of Mind in Earthquake Country

For those (like me and Phil) who live in earthquake country, Peter Yanev’s book was the Bible of earthquake preparedness back when first written in the ’70s. The post-Loma Prieta 1991 edition improved on the original, and in 2009 he … Continue reading

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What Say Ye

I read this idea on a place on the web most folks don’t go and want to see what you all think about it. It is called The Wyoming Rule: Under this system the standard Representative-to-Population ratio would be set … Continue reading

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It never takes very long

By now you’ve probably hear about the “study” that purports to show that folks on the right have larger Amygdalas than leftists, and therefore have a greater ability to sense a threat and plan for “worst case scenarios”. Of course, … Continue reading

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Bowing to the Britisher

I wanted to write a biting post about this idiotic scheme Banks are to adopt a system that allows people to make a small donation to charity whenever they withdraw cash. The plans are unveiled on Wednesday in a discussion … Continue reading

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Why do you need to own that gun?

That is a question asked by hundreds of gun bigots when a gunnie states he wants to own (insert firearm here). The Fwench are now about to ask their subjects the same thing about their vehicles. Now, Paris may be … Continue reading

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It’s almost a tradition

Earlier this week the HR drones at my place of employ rang up the managers at the location I work at to tell us that around 90 employees needed to bring in their multiple forms of ID so as to … Continue reading

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Europe is Small

Rachel Lucas notes that she’s been all over Europe in the last few months, but nowhere over there is very far away from anywhere else compared to the US. Check out this startling (to me) map, you can move it … Continue reading

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Your Team Anytime Without DirecTV

The wife just discovered she can watch her beloved Colts anytime they’re televised for free via Today’s game is blocked on TV for Bay Area residents like us in the hopes the hapless Raiders might sell more tickets that … Continue reading

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