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Another Table

Since I’ve posted a couple of these recently and cannot remember this being one of them, here you go Clicken for “Pitcher Size”, of course.

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It works for all the other Departments

Now the legalese and paperwork division of the Immigration Dept. is looking to play with the rules to move the Shamnesty forward. According to an internal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services memo going the rounds of Capitol Hill and obtained … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/30/10

Last work day of the month. Saved the last for the best. I thought the asinine uselessness of this administration had reached ‘8’, but I was holding the report sideways. Anonymous From Nancy @ Excels at Nothing Found @ The … Continue reading

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I’m Just a Kid at Heart

And I’ll never look at Spongebob quite the same way again. NSFW.

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Eating Crow

What I said before about the Wikileaks being a good thing, in that it keeps government honest, still stands.  However, those who deign to release information deemed secret do have a responsibility to ensure that the information released won’t hurt … Continue reading

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Doggie Cam!

Doggies are once again ensconced in their luxury kennel at Woodland Veterinary Hospital while we head to Santa Ynez for our niece’s wedding at the lovely Roblar Winery. I’ll be using this trip as a mock bugout towards the Central … Continue reading

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Man in Motion

I’ve been meaning to write this up for a week now but haven’t had time, but now I do. Last week, a group of males drove to a house in the Lakewood/Tacoma are after getting into an argument via a … Continue reading

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Now why would they need that……?

The “most open and transparent government, ever” just got another new FOIA proof agency. Under a little-noticed provision of the recently passed financial-reform legislation, the Securities and Exchange Commission no longer has to comply with virtually all requests for information … Continue reading

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Ghosts N Stuff

ErnestThing gave me this earworm Sunday, and it’s still with me, so now I give it to you. Here’s the version with the voice track — very cool in and of itself.

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Leave Glock Alone!

The other day Derek, The Packing Rat mentioned that he’d gotten his Glock specifically because some cops of his acquaintance had opined that no civilians should own Glocks — or any non-double-actions for that matter — because they’re too dangerous. … Continue reading

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