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Look for the union label: Part 2

So last week we discovered that union reps were “allowed to accompany” OSHA regulators at non-union workplaces. This week find that when Pennsylvania passed their set of anti-stalking laws a few years back, there was special clause inserted into the … Continue reading

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How else

Are they going to make sure you sign up correctly? Local couple upset after receiving pre-marked voter registration card from Covered California What are you, a racist or something?

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It had better

Anti-Gun Groups Fear Sen. Yee’s Indictment Will Make Gun Control More Difficult to Pass I hope his conviction makes the laws impossible to pass. If only the media will report it.

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Sunday Funnies

The paper came late today, it seems.  

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Flippin’ Burgers — Cali Workforce Field Observations

Our local Nations Giant Burger franchise was staffed, for as long as I can remember, exclusively with Mexican and Mexican-American women. Food was great, too. Then two years ago, they pretty much vanished, replaced by older white women who, well, … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, Death is Life Edition

“Every day at work I declare people dead. They have no signs of life, no heartbeat, no brain activity. I sign a piece of paper knowing in my heart that they are not actually dead. I could, right then and … Continue reading

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Why I Never Ran for Public Office

…nor shall I ever. As a yute, I was a political junkie of the highest water. When that Cable TV came to our town I clicked right past MTV and Madonna to C-SPAN and stayed there, with occasional digressions. I … Continue reading

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Dang-y Dangy Dang Dang-y Dangy Dang

Can’t get Inna’s “In Your Eyes” out of my head these days. As with much Romanian-export-pop-tart material, I’m convinced the lyrics are meant to be ignored. But the chorus just makes me laugh. Crank it! Okay, okay, as a palate-cleanser, … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: Germ Theory of Liberty Edition

…[M]alaria and hookworm… had turned generations of Southerners into “anemic, weak, and unproductive children and adults.” Not surprisingly, Thornhill believes that the collectivism of the old South—the adherence to tradition, ethnocentrism, and suspicion of outsiders that marked his childhood—stemmed from … Continue reading

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Much too trusting

This story about a Ukrainian Marine who is feeling “betrayed” by his former friends in the Russian army after they attacked is a little bit sad. ‘Sorry brother’: Ukraine marines betrayed by Russian raid Just a year ago, Ruslan, a … Continue reading

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