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Life Happens

When you least expect it to. Unsurprisingly. I was rolling some rather stout pieces of Marine Channel across one of the fitting tables at work in the process of flame cutting some copes into the flanges on Monday morning. In … Continue reading

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Eaten by the monster of

The Bookface. I joined a local prepper meetup group a few months back, but last month the manager of the group decided he’d rather not deal with the meetup BS and let us all know he was switching the group’s … Continue reading

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If you want to get debt

Because this is how you get debt. The nation of Finland is on the verge of a very significant governmental experiment. The world will be watching closely and, if it works, it will surely spread widely to other countries. Finland … Continue reading

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Somebody’s Delusional

I’d say that, at a very minimum, the author of this panel.

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In the dictionary

Under the definition of quisling, is a picture of a guy named Mike Weisser (aka: Mike the Gun Guy). He posts at the HuffPo on a semi-regular basis and says stupid shit. His latest installment is titled “How the 2nd … Continue reading

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I’ve been asked

Why I don’t have one of those “I *heart* Guns & Coffee” stickers on my vehicles. It’s because I don’t like coffee. This guy didn’t like either of them, apparently A ├é┬ácustomer with a concealed carry permit shot and killed … Continue reading

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This is true

In their world of lies. According to Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), members of the U.S. Navy SEALs have privately told him that they are short on combat arms. Yep, the U.S. Navy is supposedly short on M4s. Just not enough … Continue reading

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Introductions are in order

Buster was a very good boy. Well mannered, gentle and kind to all those he met. He was also very protective of his family and home. He could sense trouble before it made it to the porch. More than once, … Continue reading

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Hoo Dat?

Well, that’s little miss totes adorbs, Gigi the Snuggle Monster, on the right, but who is that girl with the pretty eyes on the left? Answer tomorrow (with more pics).

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It’s A Conspiracy

Of course….. There is a Kansas University Jayhawks basketball game on the same day as the Kansas Presidential Caucus. ESPN will be there because Jayhawks basketball is very popular. ESPN and KU agreed on the game’s scheduled start time a … Continue reading

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