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This is what happens

When I forget to blog about stuff. So the NSSF hired a polling company to disprove the Quinnipiac poll from last year that purported to tell the nation that “90% of people support background checks at gun shows” or some … Continue reading

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Do Not Want

This won’t turn out well US workers, employers test ‘unlimited vacation’ Unlimited vacation policies, which have so far been adopted by only a handful of US businesses, have been embraced by both workers and their employers, who say the flexibility … Continue reading

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When you’ve lost the lawyers…

I can’t say I disagree with most of this. Really, I can’t.

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RNS Quote of the Day, Happy New Year Edition

According to one unnamed senior South Korean government official, the odds of a North Korean military attack are “100%” and it will happen sometime before April. I sure hope that Abe fellow has some balls, ’cause our guy sure doesn’t.

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Maybe I’m missing something here

AIDS vaccine researcher fakes results of study running on a $19 million grant. Gets caught, confesses, and doesn’t have to pay any of the money back. I wish I had those type of people skills.

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How delusional can they be?

This delusional: NYC is losing their last “progressive” talk radio station. And by the 4th paragraph in the story, the Huffington Post blames right wing talk radio. Of course, there is nothing wrong with their message. It must be “those … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies

There weren’t any good toons this week, but we’ve still got some funny up our sleeve. A lesson in person space A quick lesson in Economics And a quick lesson on the English language

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Pulling the Lever Again

Spent Thursday at the range testing the “new” loads. It was supposed to be a nice, dry, sunny day. And it was. In the afternoon. In the morning, well, this was all you could see of the 75 yard line. … Continue reading

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American travels to Norway. Eats traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner! And because he is a Republican Senator, it makes front page news on HuffPo.

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On the agenda

School is closed and the range is open. So I’m off.

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