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Do Be Careful, Tonight

I wouldn’t want anyone to over do it. These are the years of our lives. Let us not waste them. For to do so would be mad. One more time with the bagpipes from Laura MacKensie Auld Lang Syne And … Continue reading

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2006: Over and Out

I’m really too busy getting ready for the party tonight to be doing this, but here are a couple more well wishes to the readers of RNS for the up and coming year, 2007. 2006 a bad year for you? … Continue reading

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But Don’t Call Him A Dictator

Following in the footsteps of the nearly dead (if not so already) bearded, murderous dictator of Cuba, Hugo Chavez has drawn a line in the sand with the media in Venezuela Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said he will not renew the license … Continue reading

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Jus a cupla thangs

I’m still toying with my Christmas present this weekend, having a glitch that you all may have to help me with if I can’t figure it out by Tuesday. But have no fear, there will be blogging going down here … Continue reading

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Not Really Resolutions

Hello everyone, Professor Booty here to help you get into the new year! With some well wishes See you tomorrow. buy viagrabuy generic viagraviagra professionalcialis soft tabslevitraviagra super activegeneric cialisviagra professionalgeneric viagraviagra soft tabsbuy viagra professionalviagra professionallevitra onlinebuy generic cialislevitra … Continue reading

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Go Ahead, Laugh

While this story sounds like another dipshit attempting a late Darwin Award entry, it is really another case of the anti-firearms education bigots maiming a teenager. A teenager has been hospitalized with facial injuries caused when a bullet he found … Continue reading

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Their Dream

My nightmareWhat if AlGore was the lame duck president in 2006? Click the link to read a leftist’s fantasy. Find out how Gore would have killed Osama, stopped the September 11th, 2001 attacks from ever happening, successfully disarmed Iran and … Continue reading

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SHTF and the SO

Over at the FAL Files Forums there’s an excellent thread revealing what can happen to a well-laid-out family emergency plan when the Significant Other doesn’t fully buy into it — or, more charitably, is willing to abandon it when the … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: So Long, Mr. Dynamite

With the passing of Soul Brother #1 on Christmas morning, The Soundboard would like to thank him for his life of innovation and entertainment by handing out this bit of tunage to you. Hot Pants – James Brown While he didn’t … Continue reading

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Outside Advice

In relation to the By Ourselves, For Ourselves posts that I’m re-posting, The Patriot Post has gotten their “Recommended Action Plan for Mitigating the Consequences of Natural or Attack Catastrophe on Your Family and Community” (not to be rude, and … Continue reading

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