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An Analogy on Medicare/Obamacare Money Transfer

I’ve been trying to find a simple to understand analogy to explain the $716 Billion that got counted twice (in the negative for Medicare, in the positive to Obamacare), because even the honest media is not being helpful in explaining … Continue reading

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Courage Wolf!

F*ck yeah!

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Not even the right question

Alternate Title: What you’ll be hearing the left talk about at their convention next week. At the DNC next week, the Democrats will be beginning their campaign to try and change the language in the debate of our nation’s economy. … Continue reading

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Music to Vote By

The Voters – Blame It On Bush You can buy it here. Found @ the AoSHQ

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WTF? : Updated

So, some dude in NYC goes and whacks his old boss. As he is leaving the scene, a pair of “New York’s finest” try and stop the guy, and in the process, pull out their heaters and miss the perp … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/20/12

Finally, school is done for a bit and I can start pulling quotes from the book I wrote about a while back. What I am going to do is drop the link to the book quote and then the quote … Continue reading

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Twice the want at half the price

Well, almost half the price of this one. 1963 Fender Bass VI If you watch the video for this one (which is sold) you get some Spinal Tap trivia as a bonus.

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What we’re up against

Some very cool cartograms show the misleading nature of the standard red-vs-blue map by increasing and decreasing size based on electoral-college votes and county-level returns population. For example, this one: Note the San Francisco Bay Area has enough voting weight … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/14/12

Getting from both ends The state funded Great Britain team has (by perception) done extremely well at the London 2012 Olympics. As a consequence (?) there are calls amongst politicians and sports bureaucrats to make competitive sport compulsory for children. … Continue reading

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I Want Eyes Like an AR-15

There’s a reason so many ’70s kids ran around with a Steve Austin doll glued to one eye.* The emphasis in this story is on the benefits for the blind, but the implications of “cracking the code” the brain uses … Continue reading

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