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Destroy ‘Em With Porn

Joe Huffman often points out that the proper strategy in this war is to destroy the enemy’s culture. Seems that other folks have caught on to the idea. A lot of them, in fact. Lots and lots of quotable stuff … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Let me take you on a journey

But not a “Steve Perry” kind of Journey. Although I may swing back into guitar strings and drum skins in the upcoming weeks. Walker: Commuter Ranger only has an AM/FM radio and I must say that Seattle Radio as a … Continue reading

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Make Room

On your food product labels. Because if the ever-wailing members of the US branch of the Global Warming Death Cult get to have anything to say about it, this will be crossing the pond in short order. Shoppers will be … Continue reading

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Not Their Fault

By now you’ve probably heard of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock who died while DUI. Not only was he DUI, but there was pot found in his truck, he was talking on his mobile phone, speeding and not wearing … Continue reading

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It’s not what they do in public

That shows their true colors. It’s what they do in private. A purely anecdotal but easily believable tale from Lee at Right Thinking’s better half I work with kids at an after school program. For the last week or so … Continue reading

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Looks like Aunt Flo is visiting Pandagon

Or maybe she’s always like that? Raving Ale Wench, Armanda Marcotte takes exception to Chris Muir’s “Day By Day” editorial cartoon from this last weekend, and does some editing of the text within the cells. For those not willing to … Continue reading

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The AR vs. AK debate is over, folks

Somebody saw the market space was available and filled it with this new hybrid product. Behold the AK-15! Background here. I suppose the AR-47 isn’t far behind….

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The Winning Side….

Say it, Uncle! What scares these guys most is that in the last 20 years, there have been tremendous gains in the right to arms. Sure they passed the ban on weapons that look like assault weapons but it sunset … Continue reading

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Nothing to see here

Keep moving. Don’t worry about a thing. The federal government recorded a $1.3 trillion loss last year — far more than the official $248 billion deficit — when corporate-style accounting standards are used, a USA TODAY analysis shows. The loss … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/30/07

Because I found a decent source with at least a couple weeks worth of eco-socialist/Global Warming Death Culitist quotes, I’m just gonna harp on these sorry bastages for a while longer. Capitalism is a cancer in the biosphere. ———- Dave Foreman … Continue reading

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