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On to the next Adventure

Today was my last day with my current employer (big company, lots of employees in the Pacific Northwest, currently pissing off the NLRB).  I was hired initially to do structural finite element analysis, which I found odd since I didn’t … Continue reading

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Fuel Thieves — What to Do?

I came home yesterday to see a local TV news crew doing a live standup halfway down the block. After they finished, I asked what was up, and apparently fuel thieves hit the neighbors, draining one car and attempting to … Continue reading

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Plitvice Lakes National Park

Croatia. Stunning. More pics here.

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Summer Quarter began last Monday. I have spent that last week getting up to speed in my two classes, both of which are online. In case you wanted to know, my classes are Political Science 101 and Humanities 100. Both … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 07/28/11

In case you hadn’t heard, Geert Wilders was acquitted of all charges. And the fact the BBC calls him ‘far right’ tells you nothing useful about Geert Wilders’ views but speaks volumes about the BBC. Perry de Havilland – SamizdataUK … Continue reading

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Venison Virgin Bushwacks Bambi

This event took place last December, the week before Christmas. I’m posting it now because there have been issues with uploading pictures to this site which are now resolved. Greetings from Michigan. This is the story of how I “harvested” … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 06/27/11

THERE’S an audible crackle, not loud or piercing, but as if someone is screwing up sweet paper close to your head, and like a string of green fairylights, tracers arc their way almost lazily towards the darkened homestead. Immediately, or … Continue reading

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When the liberals start to notice

The shenanigans of the political class, I have hope.

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I can haz Freedom of Speech?

Not in Colorado. Zachrey Harris will serve 20 days in jail and spend two years on probation for using racial slurs against a Nigerian student during an alcohol-fueled attack on University Hill last September, a Boulder district judge ruled Friday. … Continue reading

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File under “DUH!”

Turning off your nuclear power plants will strain the rest of your electrical infrastructure.

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