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Scope Cut

I’m blooded — we’re calling it Squeaky’s Revenge. This was from a rifle scope on a .308 pistol. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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View From The Couch

At the RNS Boomeragio at Boomershoot. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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On the Road to Boomershoot: Sparks, NV

Looking back at the Sierras, which I crossed last night. Onward to Orofino! This Excursion is a much better ride than the Toyota pickup from previous trips. Roomy doesn’t begin to describe it. Very relaxing to drive. – Posted using … Continue reading

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On the Road to Boomershoor

Stopped by The Packing Rat’s place to drop off The Beast, my 9mm J-frame, for some exciting testing — watch his blog for the scoop. Plus I needed to pick up a pair o’ Glocks for my Recon Rat (TM)’s … Continue reading

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Stylish, and Zombie Proof

All it needs are pintle-mounted guns on the roof with overlapping fields of fire, and it’s perfect.

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Thank you

Donald Trump, for acting the fool and getting The Won to finally hand over the long form. My hope is that this will get The Stupids to STFU for the next 18 months or so we can de-oval him. I … Continue reading

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The Higher Education Bubble

Tuition has seriously outpaced inflation, yet more college graduates are defaulting on their loans then ever. H/T Q & O

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RNS Quote of the Day: 04/26/11

The SEIU has announced that they plan on forming a “public protest” branch of their union. It takes a national union to build a Potemkin Village. Moe Lane I have no doubt this will be funded, at least partially, with … Continue reading

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Boomershoot Prep

Sergeant Orville Bierkle’s Revolver, packed for Boomershoot 2011. I have installed a Wondersight adjustable long-range sight and my preferred Pearlite grips and a lanyard. Otherwise the revolver is the same as I found it in the consignment shop not a … Continue reading

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Ahhh: Updated

The week before Boomershoot. Full of wonder and happiness. I have the next two weeks off from work (but not school, of course). This Monday through Wednesday is gathering and loading of the truck. Today starts with my attempt to … Continue reading

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