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College Prep, oh, and Cutting His Balls Off

The best analysis, IMO, of the whole “Tiger Mother” phenomenon is here. The curse of the second generation, in which they do worse then their parents, isn’t about lazy kids but self-absorbed parents. Yes, narcissism‘s in there. No surprise, given … Continue reading

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The social welfare system is bad enough

for the Greek economy, but when you couple that with expansive protectionist regulations, it kills it.

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I Blame the Colleges

Note Egypt’s position in the above. Seriously, what are we graduating these days? I’ve got a full-rant post waiting in the wings about how I’m trying to hire an administrative assistant/project manager, pay $12-$15/hour, college degree preferred, flawless English a … Continue reading

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Building with Earth

Good series of Instructables about how to build small buildings using plastic bags & earth. Step-by-Step Earthbag Building How to Build an Earthbag Roundhouse How to Build an Earthbag Dome PS: if you don’t know about Instructables, take the time … Continue reading

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How to make Al Gore (& the like) cry

Develop a biodegradable plastic bottle that threatens the profits of the $400B recycling industry. I smell a bipartisan industry protection bill coming.

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A Sticky Situation (Naturally)

Scientists figure out how to create mussel glue in the lab. This is cool 3 different ways: 1) We now have some new, waterproof adhesives for marine construction and development. 2) The same glues can be used in surgery 3) … Continue reading

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Afraid of something, boys?

What could possibly be their motive for this Bejing authorities block internet searches for “Egypt” Oh. Never mind.

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The Sinestra Deflection: Part 1

After last week’s failure of the “Stop Me Before I Spend Again” SOTU speech by The Won, the left went all out to smear anyone and anything they could find that disagreed with his policies in order to deflect from … Continue reading

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Weekend Links

I haven’t checked in with Cap’n Bob and the lovely Damsel in quite a while — they’ve been building a new house and blogging up a storm about it. Check ’em out. I like those steel doors! And Dirtcrashr’s been … Continue reading

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Parenting: How Not To

[The children] fought over them, so he took them away. Trying to explain that they are only silly gadgets, he smashed one in front of them. “It was supposed to make them happy but it didn’t,” said Tompert. “I wanted … Continue reading

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