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No More Boomershoot Curly Fries???!!!

Idly passing time by reading Ry’s blog, I noticed this: Happy news, though; I get to propose replacement catering for the main event as well as the dinner. I have a few ideas. Emphasis mine. Horrors, does this mean that … Continue reading

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Excellent Essay

The Art of Letting Go

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RNS Quote of the Day: 01/07/11

You could say that I was onlymoderately impressed with the reading of the Constitution yesterday by (mostly) Republicans. About the only part of it I was impressed by was how riled it got the Democrats. So much so that they … Continue reading

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It all a bunch of garbage

You’ve been lied to. But that is just how these folks roll. Claims that the “Great Garbage Patch” between California and Japan is twice the size of Texas is “grossly exaggerated” said the research which reckons it is more like … Continue reading

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Fear over knowledge

That appears to be the decision the UK government made last year In recent days, the Met Office has stated that it apparently warned the Cabinet Office in late October that the start of the winter would be exceptionally cold. … Continue reading

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