RNS Quote of the Day: 01/07/11

You could say that I was onlymoderately impressed with the reading of the Constitution yesterday by (mostly) Republicans. About the only part of it I was impressed by was how riled it got the Democrats. So much so that they lamely attempted to hold up the proceedings.

I would be much more impressed by them taking this on

Instead of reading the constitution, we should make congress read IRS regulations. That would keep them occupied for a few years.

Chance Ballew

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2 Responses to RNS Quote of the Day: 01/07/11

  1. Bram says:

    If we required them to understand and explain the tax code, we would never hear from them again.

  2. JTW says:

    someone suggested a new requirement that each law contains an explanation of exactly how it is allowed by the constitution.
    That would keep them occupied too.

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