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When Threesomes Go Horribly Wrong

Not for the squeamish. And NSFW. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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The Cluelessness, It Burns

It’s just hilarious that nobody in the White House saw the natural acronym for the Winning The Future slogan:

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Joe Huffman on BB&Guns Radio

…in about an hour from now. I’ll be listening. The experience of sitting in my office doing mundane corporate legal work (forming a LLC in Delaware, working on closing a multimillion-dollar real estate transaction in Virginia, fixing a company’s BBB … Continue reading

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ATF Shotgun Import Study

Here it is, the much-hyped ATF “ruling.” Haven’t read it yet. Will do so in a bit. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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If This Happens We’re Dropping Cable TV

As the only reason we still have it is the wife’s NFL addiction. Which this would satisfy. In other news, we got an Apple TV box for Xmas and it rocks. Why listen to the radio when you can use … Continue reading

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Air Guns Not Protected by 2nd Amendment

Court decision here. I dunno, I think there’s some good arguments to be made the other direction, but it seems as though this defendant may not have made them or not made them in quite the right way. He did … Continue reading

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