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Thinking about this line of reasoning will give you a headache. The website of a 501 (c)(4) group calling themselves the Council of Conservative Citizens was visited by the guy who shot up the AME church in Charleston, S.C.. So, … Continue reading

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The King of the Weiners

Last weekend, The Wife appraoched me with a picture of three Dachshunds asking how cute I thought they were. I said they’d look a lot cuter if we didn’t already have four dogs. She scrunched her face up and said … Continue reading

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As the saying goes

If you want something done right, just do it yourself. Back in August, the neighborhood “cluster” mailbox was attacked with a prybar by tweakers in the hopes that they might find something worth of value inside. It was reported to … Continue reading

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It’s only other people’s money

Surely the children didn’t “need” it Neil S. Rodgers, a former D.C. government official, was sentenced Tuesday for his role in the misappropriation of $110,000 earmarked for D.C.’s Children at Risk and Drug Prevention Fund to cover a deficit for the 51st State Inaugural … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/20/15

Sounds about right. Donald Trump pretending he’s a viable candidate for the presidency reminds me of that time Denise Richards pretended to be a nuclear scientist in The World is Not Enough. Anonymous Except that Denise Richards is much nicer … Continue reading

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Texas does it again

When someone is “holding on to” your gold for you, it is best to get it back With Eye on Fiscal Armageddon, Texas Set to ‘Repatriate’ Its Gold To New Texas Fort Knox On Friday, Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation … Continue reading

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As a final note

About this particular looney toon

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Losing Our Freedom$

Until 2000, the United States participated in the world’s march toward greater economic freedom, its score rising from 7.6 in 1970 to 8.65 in 2000, when the country ranked second only to Hong Kong in economic freedom. Since then, U.S. … Continue reading

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This is an example of why

Leftists and progressives are not actually “pro-choice” Nevada Leaps Forward Nationally with Education Savings Accounts Nevada as a trailblazer in education? Underachieving, Third-World Nevada setting a new national standard in school policy that other states are destined to follow? Believe … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/16/15

So true Art school is the world’s least efficient mental institution. picoFarad A comment in the latest Rachel Dolezal thread wherein they discuss her lawsuit against Howard University for discriminating aginst her being white. Which she took all the way … Continue reading

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