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Losing Our Freedom$

Until 2000, the United States participated in the world’s march toward greater economic freedom, its score rising from 7.6 in 1970 to 8.65 in 2000, when the country ranked second only to Hong Kong in economic freedom. Since then, U.S. … Continue reading

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This is an example of why

Leftists and progressives are not actually “pro-choice” Nevada Leaps Forward Nationally with Education Savings Accounts Nevada as a trailblazer in education? Underachieving, Third-World Nevada setting a new national standard in school policy that other states are destined to follow? Believe … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/16/15

So true Art school is the world’s least efficient mental institution. picoFarad A comment in the latest Rachel Dolezal thread wherein they discuss her lawsuit against Howard University for discriminating aginst her being white. Which she took all the way … Continue reading

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