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I needed something to get my mind off of the previous post. Acts of pure evil like that may well outnumber the acts of pure joy in this world, but the latter at least can make one smile: buy generic … Continue reading

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15 year old girl sells 7 year old girl for sex.

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Girl Gamers Rock, I tell you.  Drink alert is in effect

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Geography 101 Lab Series: #10

Yay! The final paper before “The Big One”. Boo! Hiss! The topic wants me to write about how rich countries can help poor countries (again). Being tired of this topic, I refuse to answer. The Assignments: Squatter Settlements & The … Continue reading

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Boomershoot High-Intensity + Bacon

My Kel-Tec SU-16CA is not a machine gun, but its barrel smoked at the last two high-intensity events, after about seventy or eighty rounds IIRC. I suspect that is sufficient heat to cook bacon. I think an experiment at Boomershoot … Continue reading

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Failure to think it through

Maybe I’m late to the game in realizing this, but I think my brain finally landed on my major issue with HCR.  If I understand this correctly, part of the moral justification for mandating insurance coverage is so that people … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder…

Why everything has to be about “Green” or “Carbon Offsets” or other Eco-buzzwords?  Why can’t a group just donate money to plant trees because planting trees are nice, or because Seattle has a problem with assholes who damage and destroy … Continue reading

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Belated Friday Fiction: Night of the Long Knives

Forgot to post this one last week. I’ve got more than a few favorite works by Fritz Leiber; unfortunately most of them seem not to be in etext format just yet. The Night of the Long Knives is. Enjoy. It’s … Continue reading

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Your Daily Geek – Whetting Your Curiosity Edition

Dry Oil

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You might not like this

So if’n you’re not wanting to see something critical of the Michiganders/Michigeeses arrested these past couple days, then you should probably just keep scrolling.

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