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A Good Plan from a Good Man

Scalia says don’t link guns only to crime Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia fondly remembers carrying a rifle around New York as a boy and says outdoorsmen should attack the idea that guns are used only for crimes. An avid … Continue reading

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No, we don’t have too many environmental laws here

Say you are a real estate investor. Say you buy a piece of property and shortly thereafter a major hotel chain decides that they want to build one of their hotels on it. Unfortunately for you and said hotel chain … Continue reading

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Deceptive Advertising?

If you make a run through the left-wing blogs, you’ll notice that one of the more common Blog Ads you see is one for NGP Field voter contact management software. If you click on the ad, it takes you to … Continue reading

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He picked a winner!

Every year, Kos picks a new batch of people to post on the front page of hsi site. As I’ve posted in the past, I’ve got no idea what method he uses to choose them, but from what I’ve seen, … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day

What collectivists refuse to recognize is that it is in the self-interest of every businessman to have a reputation for honest business dealings and a quality product. Since the market value of a going business is measured by its money-making … Continue reading

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Note to all Moderate Democrats

This is what Sedition looks like. Make your 2006 candidate unequivocally denounce this and give back any money given to them from any of the groups involved.

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OK, Here’s the Situation

I’m gonna have to take a week’s vacation. So by now, you probably know that I’m getting ready to disassemble, move and then reassemble Casa de Analog. It will take place at the end of this week and I will probably be … Continue reading

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Mark this day on your calendar

I actually want my state to follow the lead of Massachusetts! You’ve probably read my thoughts on the Washington Assesment of Student Learning test in the recent past. To summarize: 1 set of tests, set at the 8th grade level, taken … Continue reading

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He has been trained well

Last week, waste of oxygen dirtbags from one of the local hate groups were out in the early moning hours in Thurston County (home of the state capitol) tossing eggs wrapped with their bile-filled literature onto people’s lawns. Police are … Continue reading

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No Freedom of Speech

In the Washington State Legislature. Remember a couple weeks back when I told you about the left-wingers plan to disrupt the signature gathering for “conservative/right-wing/anything the left doesn’t” like Citizen’s Initiatives? Well now even the “conservative/right-wing/any legislator the left doesn’t like” … Continue reading

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