Note to all Moderate Democrats

This is what Sedition looks like.

Make your 2006 candidate unequivocally denounce this and give back any money given to them from any of the groups involved.

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4 Responses to Note to all Moderate Democrats

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Rather than prosecute the idiots for sedition at this point, I would let them carry out their patchouli coup.

    When they were met by an overwhelming force on the White House lawns, and mowed down by light weapons fire in their dozens or hundreds, it would serve as an adequate lesson to the next fuzzy-headed, foamy-mouthed crew of assholes that might think of trying it.

    All arresting them now would do is provide a lengthy circus, pre and post trial, during which the blather-brains could continue to spew their bile.

  2. Rimfirejones says:

    ^^^ What RIVRDOG said ^^^

  3. Petey says:

    I wonder if this counts as “domestic” in the excerpt (…all enemies foreign and domestic.) Got a new 6.8 SPC I’ve yet to try on a roughly human sized target.

  4. Rick T says:

    Looks more like Treason to this old submariner…..

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