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The Dirty Truth

4Chan understands And

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The PRINCESS OF MARS Movie is Out!

And, uh, it went straight to DVD in November of last year. It’s available via Comcast’s On Demand right now; that’s how I found out it exists. And, uh, it has nothing to do with Robert Rodriguez and it, er, … Continue reading

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National Health Warning

From my email Very important information has just been made public that I think is something you should all be aware of: Gonorrhea-Lectim. The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of this old … Continue reading

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AWESOME Boomershoot 2010 video

Barron Barnett did a great job on this video. He included a bunch of folks (including the famous Laurel) shooting Sweetheart, my .308 pistol. Go see.

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“The more you can increase the fear of drugs and crime and welfare mothers and immigrants and aliens and poverty and all sorts of things, the more you control people. Make them hate each other. Be frightened of each other … Continue reading

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Lawyers get them too

I have an email account for those times when I need to be an attorney in private practice, rather than an in-house counsel. It has “lawfirm” in the email address. Which leads to this sort of email, my specimen of … Continue reading

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Your Daily Geek – Cheesy Styx Song Edition

Japan set to launch a Solar Sail Space Yacht.

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Oh Darwin Man!

Seriously. There ought to be a superhero — “Darwin Man!” — who appears, bludgeons the wart on humanity into paste — “For the good of all mankind, I apply the rod of Natural Selection!” –  and disappears until necessity calls. … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 04/27/10

BTW, got my appetite whetted for long-range handgunning again…no good can come from that! –Michael Bane, on his Boomershoot experience I haven’t brought a long-range rifle to Boomershoot since I began shooting specialty pistols. Now I spread the specialty-pistols gospel … Continue reading

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Boomershoot 2010 AAR

Now that I’m mostly rested, or at least rested enough to retell the tale, here is my AAR for Boomershoot 2010. All pics can be enlarged by clicking on them. First, the rest of the crew from the RNS firing … Continue reading

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