RNS Quote of the Day, 04/27/10

BTW, got my appetite whetted for long-range handgunning again…no good can come from that!

–Michael Bane, on his Boomershoot experience

I haven’t brought a long-range rifle to Boomershoot since I began shooting specialty pistols. Now I spread the specialty-pistols gospel as much as possible, which is why I bring a wide selection of them to every Boomershoot, and I always spend a good portion of Boomershoot Day itself helping interested folks shoot a specialty pistol for the first time.

This year Michael Bane shot the .308 Win. Encore I named Sweetheart, and I think he liked it! I’ll move the Good Turn coin from one pocket to another.

Bane himself was as he was when I met him at SHOT — effusively friendly, flat-out aggressive on firearms civil rights, and a sharp cookie. I noticed he and his crew (including the famed John Carter) frequently were able to record a segment in one or two takes; that’s impressive. They’re all quick on the draw, but it takes a quick mind and amazing stage presence to be able to say what you want to say the instant the camera starts recording. Michael did it over and over at Boomershoot 2010.

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