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Right on schedule

After yesterday’s news of Alex Sink’s idiocy about how giving amnesty to illegals would reduce the “burden” on the citizenry, we get news that Teh Dumb goes all the way to the top. Obama eases penalties for businesses hiring illegal … Continue reading

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Welcome To Replication Lab!

I agree this should be Mythbusters’ new direction. And yes, John Ioannidis would be perfect. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Rambo in Venezuela

Unrest in Venezuela Spawns a Folk Hero – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Hitching a ride on the gravy train

By the way, you and I supplied both the gravy and the tracks for the train. Obama appointee subsidizes electric bus company, then goes to work for it President Obama’s Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has left the administration and … Continue reading

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I’d be happy

If this guy were voted out of office. But then again, I’m not an Oregon resident. Oregon is a beautiful place, and, for many of the state’s well-heeled residents, including many refugees from equally beautiful but overpriced California, economic growth … Continue reading

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Now that they are finally over

Do you notice anything about this graph? It seems that the least dangerous Olympic sport is the only one which includes firearms. So for heavens sake, ban snowboards and skis! Found via Samizdata, who found it via the Aussie LibDems.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/26/14

Britain is about to get a new island off its Southwest coast. Of a sort. Nature treats humans as part of the natural world but environmentalists treat nature as part of the political world. Richard Fernandez – Rainbow Slick The … Continue reading

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RIP Barkley

Many good people, past and present, we come to know only through their words. Where they cannot speak, the words of others must do. Such it was with Barkley, a good dog person whose good human person wrote of him … Continue reading

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We all would

Chess Grandmaster, Gary Kasparov tweeted out a partial truth on Saturday I’ve said it before, but if Barack Obama had been president instead of Ronald Reagan, I’d still be a citizen of the Soviet Union. The reason I label this … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/25/14

By way of Insty, pertaining to the Hobby Lobby case before the SCOTUS If corporations can’t have religious beliefs, then it follows that they can’t believe in climate change, sustainable investment or any other beliefs embraced by the corporate social responsibility movement. … Continue reading

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