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Welcome to my world

I’ve been living here for years. Even got me some property here. Protesters called for the firing of New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton at an anti-police-brutality rally Saturday in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Sunset Park. “I have a … Continue reading

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Let me explain

Yes, I know it is my third day of posting funny pictures and that the blogging has gotten really light as of late. My excuse is that I am so damn busy welding, a mortal man would cry. Last week … Continue reading

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If you haven’t see it yet

You have now. I found this while cruising the intarwebz yesterday As the text at the bottom notes, this was a collaboration of sorts between the LawDogFiles and HSGCA. All credit should go to those two. And it should be … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies

A whole lot of nothing this week (hence the tardiness). So….. Wonka meme time!

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The Week in Pictures

So far, anyway

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Yet another reason

To not live withing the confines of the City of Seattle. As if there weren’t enough reasons already Seattle to fine residents for not composting Seattle residents who fail to separate food waste from trash will be fined. The City … Continue reading

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One letter is all that matters

A bridge has a couple lanes shut down and the entire MSM averts its gaze from the real world to tell us about it for months in the hopes of sinking a Republican candidate from running for national office. A … Continue reading

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We should be able to get these numbers up

This is a pathetic showing One in four Americans want their state to secede from the U.S., but why? I’m not really happy with the way they split up the map, especially the Texas +3 “Southwest” split, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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OMG! Where’d they get those?

I wonder ISIS kills 300 Iraqi soldiers by chlorine gas attack in Saqlawiyah On Monday several Members of Parliament from Diwaniyah Province confirmed that ISIS killed over 300 soldiers using chlorine gas for the first time in Saqlawiyah, north of Fallujah. Islamic … Continue reading

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That might be part of the problem

Donchathink? Half of felony gun possession crimes in Milwaukee Never Charged Over the past two years, Milwaukee leaders have been making demands of state leaders to help them solve the city’s crime problem. One demand being made by Milwaukee Mayor … Continue reading

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