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Early work night

Tonight. Gots to sleep. Gunsmith bills to pay and he closes at 1600 on Fridays. But the Ruger’s done. Pics and weekend reading material posting early tomorrow. Enjoy the tunage if you haven’t already. See ya later. And don’t forget … Continue reading

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The City of San Francisco is Denying People Their Fundamental Rights

And I’m not even talking about their gun-bigoted ways. In October of 2005, Frisco Mayor, Chief City Philanderer and Runner-Up of that year’s Upper-Class twit of the Year contest, Gavin Newsom, declared free, city-wide Wi-Fi internet to be a Fundamental Right. … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day 08/31/07

From the Reagan Diaries: Tuesday, July 14 [1981] We are still meeting & stewing about East-West trade and now we must take on the problem of what to do or if to do something to help the Polish people. Their … Continue reading

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Compare & Contrast: Open Carry

In California, open carry is allowed in unincorporated areas of many counties. So some intrepid souls are doing just that.  Now compare, via Kevin, a Connecticut fellow’s experience with open carry (full-auto, no less) in Israel. The reaction of the … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Pound of Sound

Week 1: First a little intro… For the next few weeks, or at least until I venture forth to visit the coastal regions of the Great White North in October, The Soundboard will be dedicated to The Pound of Sound. … Continue reading

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Kind of like an supernatural passport?

They think of everything China slaps ban on reincarnation China has rather brilliantly declared that, from next month, Tibetan Buddhist monks must have official permission to reincarnate, Newsweek reports. The new legislation lays down strict guidelines for making a reappearance … Continue reading

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Cultural Factors in AIDS in Africa

Betcha didn’t know this one: “In the scholarly literature, the traditional [African] practice of the husband’s family inheriting all his property after he dies is called “property stripping.” Well, this causes problems: In sub-Saharan Africa almost 60 percent of AIDS … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 08/30/07

From the Reagan Diaries: Sunday, June 21 [1981] Negotiations are still going on to try and head off tomorrow’s illegal strike by the air controllers. I told Drew L. to tell their Union Chief I was the best friend his … Continue reading

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OK, after trying to load this up at my GoogleVid account, only to find repeated “server error” message, then trying to do the same at YouTube, with the same crappy result, I have successfully loaded some of the video of … Continue reading

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This isn’t going to help

And, in fact, it is probably going to do a whole lot of harm. To add to the mortgage meltdown miseries, the credit panic, the plunging home sales and the rising foreclosures, here’s a new worry: a proposed cutoff of … Continue reading

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