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As you can see, RNS is under some re-construction at this time. Please don’t mind our dust and watch out for that low hanging support beam over there. If you like the new background and header, you can thank Joe … Continue reading

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We’ve Spoken About This

Looting in New Orleans We all knew it would happen. Some of us have prepared for it. Here is a link to the ‘By Ourselves, For Ourselves’ series that I have yet to finish. Unfortunately, the archives are still down … Continue reading

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Caption This!

Michelle Malkin asks for captions to this photo Mine, “You shall be called ‘Dances with Moonbats, Bringer of the Tinfoil’“ Leave yours in the comments.

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More Revisionism

Oliver Willis (Occupation: Toole) proves that he needs to revise his byline. Partial quote of Howard Dean’s statement in regards to the 60th Anniversary of WWII: â€?Democratic Presidents Roosevelt and Truman led America to victory in World War II because … Continue reading

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Random Strange Thoughts

I always wanted to have the last name “Huwa� so that I could play professional baseball. Position: First Base. Think about it. Laugh.

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Video Killed No One

The radio star was a whiny bitch. For some non-whiny bitches, you should go to Nukevet Neal’s place and watch this short video he took of Hurricane Katrina shaking the trees on his property in Baton Rouge. Then come back … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I present to you, two sets of photos. One will make you smile (the good), the other may cause you to throw something (the bad and the ugly all wrapped up in one). Please take them in moderation. First up, … Continue reading

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Sounds Like Freedom to Me

If you haven’t already, go here and take a look at the draft of the Iraqi Constitution. I have read it and am inspired by the Iraqi legislators and their wanting to make a better Iraq after the sacrifices by … Continue reading

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One of those sad stories with a happy ending

Late last year, shortly after the end of hunting season, my co-worker, Ron, went on vacation for the holidays. When he returned home, he found that he had been robbed. Namely, robbed of all of his firearms. The thieving bastards … Continue reading

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Not Looking Good

As you’ve probably heard, New Orleans is under a mandatory evacuation order. People are being made to sign waivers stating that they know there will be no emergency services available if they refuse to leave. When the government is afraid … Continue reading

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