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And I’m Spent

Yep, I’m taking the day off, both here and at work. Too much going on behind the scenes to have enough time to do much other than this post. If you haven’t been by all week, scroll on through and … Continue reading

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Be a Git

Here are some ‘sporting goods’ deals I found at the GI Joe’s chain of stores ad that y’all might want to get in on. Remington High Velocity 22LR ammo for less than $8 for a box of 525rnds. That is … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t you like to know

Where this gorgeous rack of beautiful Schmidt-Rubin Swiss rifles is located? Barb has the answer and a great story to go with it. Welcome home, Barb.

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Have I mentioned lately

That Rodger is a genius?

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I Got Gas

On my way home this morning. Is it me or are gas prices going down? I know that it was $0.06 more this weekend than it was this morning. With Hurricane Rita making people predict $4 and $5 gallons of … Continue reading

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We Just Ain’t No Good

In a recently released study (and I use that tern very loosely) from the Journal of Religion and Society, Gregory S. Paul determines that religion and democracy are a combination that becomes detrimental to societies. Paul’s ‘research’ comes to the … Continue reading

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The Brady Bunch Boogeyman

It looks as if the anti-gun group whose name I cannot properly mention lest they grow stronger will be going all out to try and ruin tourism in the state of Florida after the recent strengthening of that state’s ‘Castle … Continue reading

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Technology Saves Lives

Alternate title: Why 22LR is not a good choice for self defense. Armed robber in West Sussex, UK chases and shoots at jeweler twice. Actually hits jeweler in the chest with one of the shots, but projectile is stopped when … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Bandwidth Be Damned

Howdy all! I got hit with a music meme so The Soundboard will be two days early this week. I’ve got four days to burn up the rest of my bandwidth for the month and I’ll be sliding a few … Continue reading

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Registration Leads to Confiscation

Well, let’s hope not in Mugwig’s case anyway. The poor fellow is getting the run-around from the Canadian bureaucracy as he is trying to change the registration of his Franken Garand from a ‘receiver-only’ to a working firearm. And all … Continue reading

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