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Okay, I have never had the slightest urge to own an over-under shotgun… until now. This iteration of the Browning Cynergy is a thing of beauty.

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An Airborne Weapon for a More Elegant Age

Looks like a Weatherby. I like Weatherbys.

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I’m Blaming This One on David . . .

  Greetings from Michigan. It’s still Winter  . . . .     Back in early January, David posted about his shotgun class and showed a picture of a Mossy 930. Unbeknownst to me, a little seed found some fertile … Continue reading

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Take your booger hook off of the bang switch

Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, interrupted Morrissey’s speech to ask him to take his finger off the trigger lock… I am not sure what a trigger lock is, but I am glad that someone in the Assembly noticed his poor handling … Continue reading

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Uhh . . . excuse me sir . . . Mr. Roget . . . What’s another word for Boomershoot? I cannot find such a word in your book.

I’m tempted to load up some .38-55 cartridges and try this repeater in the high intensity event. I wonder if 1600-1700 fps will do the trick at 30 yds?

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Took A Little Trip Down To The Camp Perry CMP Store . . . .

. . . . Was not disappointed.

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I’ll call your full house . . .

with four 10’s.

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Reptilian Rhapsody

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Browning .22’s – Present and Past

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