Take your booger hook off of the bang switch

Del. Joe Morrissey, D-Henrico, holds up an AK47-style rifle as he speaks for more control on such weapons during a floor speech to the Virginia House of Delegates at the State Capitol in Richmond, Va. Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013. (AP Photo/Richmond Times-Dispatch, Bob Brown)

Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, interrupted Morrissey’s speech to ask him to take his finger off the trigger lock…

I am not sure what a trigger lock is, but I am glad that someone in the Assembly noticed his poor handling of a supposed “unloaded” mass baby killer. I doubt that Delegate Morrissey would have a clue how to check if the AK was loaded.

I am surprised that this (unloaded) weapon didn’t just go off and kill everyone in the room, since it is so dangerous and it’s only purpose is to kill people.

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2 Responses to Take your booger hook off of the bang switch

  1. Joe Mama says:

    ” Virginia lawmaker who drew gasps from his colleagues when he brandished a borrowed AK-47 during an anti-gun speech Thursday was found guilty in 2002 of committing a vicious 1999 assault, was sanctioned for legal misconduct while prosecuting a rape case, spent six months in jail for contempt of a federal court, and saw his law license revoked in 2003.”


  2. Flint Beastwood says:

    Not only does the idiot not know how to handle a weapon, he can’t keep track of them either


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