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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

By order of the World Wide Web, you are hereby advised that the Kirkster has remodeled, replaced and reorganized his blog “Fun Turns to Tragedyâ€? and it shall henceforth reside at this location! It is the interweb deity’s wish that … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Sucker for a Hook Series

Part 3: The 90’s I heard this song on one of the burgeoning hip hop stations during my senior year in high school. It got played, like, twice and went away (probably because it isn’t the least bit hip hop) … Continue reading

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Don’t Laugh Too Loudly

You might offend them and be accused of a ‘War Crime’. Muslims Demand Permanent Seat on UN Security Council In the face of the intensification of Islamophobia in the West, I have seen it as a duty to launch a … Continue reading

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More stuff in the mail!

There was once a wise old man who said “Buy It Cheap and Stack It Deepâ€?. You should always listen to your elders. Any questions as to description of items, quantity, price and/or supplier should be directed to my email … Continue reading

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If you didn’t want the answer

You shouldn’t have asked. First, the hate-Bush left wing was demanding to know who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to the press in what they saw as retribution for Joseph Wilson’s words against the Bush Administration. But now that they are … Continue reading

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Double Standards

Ravenwood reports that the same politicos that demand background checks on firearms purchasers are not so hot on the idea of setting up a database to help with the background checks on illegal aliens. But in my latest Shotgun News, … Continue reading


Bat Shit Crazy

OMG! Think before you flush – mayor’s latest message to Londoners Mr Livingstone said a third of London’s water was flushed down the toilet. “We are asking people to consider – and obviously it is a matter of personal choice … Continue reading

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Something Cool in the Mail

Lookee what I gots from the UPS man yesterday! It’s part of my surprise and it should be ready ahead of schedule. Yay! Here’s the facts, man.

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Looks like somebody had fun this weekend

I’ll be hitting the range this upcoming weekend, but I found two sets of individuals who wasted not, when it came to rangetime. First up, we have Mr. Completely and his Better Half, trust me on this (snicker), KeeWee, taking … Continue reading

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Red America/Blue America

Sorry to bring up the color barrier thing, but the post below brought it out of me. Blue America: A parolee with a history of violence and mental illness was indicted Friday in the slayings of a pregnant Riverside woman … Continue reading

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