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Oh no! Not that!

Requiring college professors to actually earn their salaries! The nerve! A bill introduced in late March in the North Carolina General Assembly has set college faculty members across the state abuzz with a bold suggestion:  Require all professors within the … Continue reading

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When will they learn?

Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake: We gave those who wished to destroy a place to do that. Baltimore rioters: But this is our neighborhood. Can we destroy somewhere else too? Mayor: ……. Rioters: Destroy other people’s neighborhoods. And tomorrow, MSNBC will … Continue reading

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It’s just a tactic

Last week, you may have read Thirdpower’s post on the Yahoo article claiming that the NRA is illegally splitting donations amongst their various legislative organizations. I read about the hit piece the day before when it spread like wildfire among … Continue reading

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Get your mathematics hats on and give this a read. There is a “myth” that the economy of the United States chugged along at least in part due to higher taxes on the wealthy in the past. First, this myth, … Continue reading

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Get your free ice creams while they’re hot — er, while they exist

Linoge is closing down his venerable Walls of the City blog, so be quick and download from it what you wish to refer to, reread, and enjoy in the future, and do it quickly, because in June it’s all going … Continue reading

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This could prove interesting

In case you haven’t been following the issue, anti-death penalty activists have been pressuring pharmaceutical companies to stop selling the products use to preform lethal injections executions to states that still have the death penalty on the books. Essentially, states … Continue reading

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Et tu, Diamond Crown?

I was, for a few days, mightily depressed — but not surprised, nowadays — that a premium cigar from an established maker would have such shoddy quality control as to let this hideous misspelling go out to the public:     … Continue reading

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Making Stuff Up: Part 43081

Mother Jones magazine got together with some bigots and aimed for the sky In collaboration with Miller, Mother Jones crunched data from 2012 and found that the annual cost of gun violence in America exceeds $229 billion. Direct costs account … Continue reading

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My first full week at the new job is done and I would say that I’m doing well. They aren’t really giving me much feedback other than to give me more things to weld up, and to train me on … Continue reading

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     My first MOA Maximum handgun, handcrafted by Rich Mertz himself, fulfilling a very long-held dream….     16″ barrel sans brake, .260 Remington. Should have enough retained velocity at 700 yards to explode a boomer — we’ll see. Prior owner … Continue reading

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