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Your Election-Night Guide

Races organized by time the polls close, with handy guide including the all-important “Magic Number” each race represents.

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Rule #1: Don’t Open The Door

No, this is not a Halloween joke post. We Californians don’t have “storm doors,” whatever those might be, but I think I’ll look into adding one after reading this account.

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Congrats to New Warrior Packing Rat!

He finished the Warrior Dash, presumably drank the congratulatory free beer at the end, and looks suitably filthy. I missed the deadline for registration this year. Next year I’ll be on it!

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How NOT to teach a CCW Class

Some of you may recall “Bo” Gritz, the fellow who managed to end the Ruby Ridge standoff because Randy Weaver was so (justifiably) paranoid by then that he wouldn’t listen to anybody else. (“Bo” Gritz haunted the greater Orofino area … Continue reading

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Soundboard: Yolanda Be Cool Like A G6 Edition

This one’s catchy. Crank it! The video’s amusing, as well. Think Chaplin in color! And the following’s an earworm of which I cannot rid myself, so I pass it on to you.

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The problem with secrets

Is that they are a double edged sword, protecting the innocent, or further enabling their oppression by state agents. Even if you think pain advocates are just drug pushers with degrees, that doesn’t excuse the actions of this US Attorney.

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In a situation like this

It’s important to remember to ask the right question, i.e. “Was she hot?” I mean, if you are going to utterly shit-can your career for a piece of tail, make it worth it.  And don’t tell me you thought you … Continue reading

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There’s No ATF Agents in the US Virgin Islands

Verry interesting. Federal authorities were so incensed by the Virgin Island’s [sic] prosecution of Clark — and so concerned other federal agents could similarly be prosecuted — that they removed all ATF agents from the Virgin Islands in 2008, a … Continue reading

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BoingBoing has the terrifying news for those who frequent free wi-fi coffeshops and the like, that a Firesheep user can easily TAKE OVER YOUR BROWSING SESSION. (This means you, Anthony! Next time you hit on that barista, she may take … Continue reading

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Getcher New Krag Barrels

FYI: KRAG BARRELS NOW AVAILABLE: CMP has acquired a small quantity of Criterion new manufacture .30/40 Krag barrels. These are now available at the barrel tab on the Estore Carbine – 065CRI/3040C. Rifle – 065CRI/3040R.

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