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Interesting Article on HIV Subtypes and Transmission

Article here and worth a read. Subtype B, the primary type found in the US, is difficult to transmit through heterosexual sex, preferring access to blood. Subtype E, the primary type found in Thailand, is much more easily transmitted via … Continue reading

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Why bad cops get a break

Radley explains Related: SEAL who dropped a grenade on a hostage during a high-risk rescue attempt will likely face harsher penalties than a cop who killed a civilian in a low risk raid.

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Audio Zoom

This is a whole lot of cool, and just a little bit scary. (Think surveillance implications)

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Coming to a neighborhood near you

Stay with me now while I think something out…. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (aka: The Government) own $400 Billion in bad loans. Some folks are putting that number as high as $1 Trillion. They have already foreclosed on over … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 10/18/10

Waste is Waste is Waste Public art is, by definition, art that no one wanted to pay for privately. Jim Goad – Let Them Eat Paint – It’s time for a separation of art and state Art is a luxury … Continue reading

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