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There’s No ATF Agents in the US Virgin Islands

Verry interesting. Federal authorities were so incensed by the Virgin Island’s [sic] prosecution of Clark — and so concerned other federal agents could similarly be prosecuted — that they removed all ATF agents from the Virgin Islands in 2008, a … Continue reading

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BoingBoing has the terrifying news for those who frequent free wi-fi coffeshops and the like, that a Firesheep user can easily TAKE OVER YOUR BROWSING SESSION. (This means you, Anthony! Next time you hit on that barista, she may take … Continue reading

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Getcher New Krag Barrels

FYI: KRAG BARRELS NOW AVAILABLE: CMP has acquired a small quantity of Criterion new manufacture .30/40 Krag barrels. These are now available at the barrel tab on the Estore https://estore.odcmp.com. Carbine – 065CRI/3040C. Rifle – 065CRI/3040R.

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