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Hi-Cube Container commercial buildings! Also, follow the construction of the Sea Container Cabin here.  

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By private drone cam FTW. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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By Popular Opinion

I do love listening in on my fellow student’s conversations as we all sit around in the classroom waiting for class to start in the morning. It’s how I stay “hip” with the youth of America. Yesterday morning was no … Continue reading

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All the rage

Yay! A new super bullet! /sarcasm off About the only thing the new RIP round is good for, in my book, is the PSH coming from the hoplophobes on the left. But according to Americans Against the Tea Party’s Richard Rowe, … Continue reading

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Federal Universal Food Plan

When you strip away the means testing for food stamps, that’s pretty much what’s left. You just have to apply. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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I have long found myself needing some kind of slight noise to fall asleep, and as of late it has been the Science Channel’s show How It’s Made. The other night they were covering the building of this neat little … Continue reading

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They’ll be saying that “everyone is somebody’s child!” Gun Injuries Prevalent in Children Researchers found that 7,391 young people under age 20 were admitted to U.S. hospitals in 2009 because of firearm injuries – about 20 a day. More than … Continue reading

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It may bring a tear of joy to your eye

It did to Robert Plant The Kennedy Center Honors Led Zeppelin It really is pretty good. It must be nice to have written and recorded something that you can watch so many people have to perform really hard to keep … Continue reading

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Why not?

Proposed new law in Colorado: You have to submit to hours of mandatory relationship and parental counseling before you can receive your marriage license. The guy at the link doesn’t like the idea. On the other hand, I am of … Continue reading

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I was wrong about there not being any photos taken of the gravel pit trip taken by Scott and I and some friends of ours. Our friend Don brought his 12yr old daughter out for the morning, so of course … Continue reading

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