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What’s it worth to you

The true meaning of price, by Dr. Madsen Pirie, President of the Adam Smith Institute You may remember when I posted his first in the series last week. I hope to catch all of them to be posted here.

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Prepping? . . . . not really, just a small slice of peace of mind

The location where I happen to reside is not fraught with multiple varieties of cataclysmic revenge events from Mother Gaia. The lower peninsula of Michigan hasn’t seen a hurricane that I know of (in my lifetime anyway). Not being a … Continue reading

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I need to get out of this place

I don’t normally watch local news, especially on the weekend when they let the “B Team” play in front of the cameras. This evening, we had it on at home as background noise when this story came on: Woman weds … Continue reading

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I’m rather sick

Of those stick figure family stickers everybody and their mother has stuck to the back window of their personal vehicle. I’m not exactly sure what sets me off about them, except that maybe it’s because every time I see one, … Continue reading

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Atkins update

For those who know Atkins, yes, I have corrected the error of my ways and am now eating my veggies too. 3 cups spinach salad, 6 tablespoons Ranch dressing, and one small grilled steak and one grilled pork chop, cut … Continue reading

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I have a hard time feeling sympathy

An 11 year old boy should know well enough the consequences of brandishing a firearm in public at someone, so while I can certainly appreciate & understand the boys fear & tears, I have no sympathy for them.  To be … Continue reading

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Bacon, Eggs, Steak, Beer, Whiskey Diet

So having ballooned back up to a 38″ waist and 190 lbs. at 5’8″ tall, I determined to do something about it: 1) drastically cut my daily caloric intake; 2) adopt an Atkins-style approach for what I do eat; 3) … Continue reading

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Wyatt Earp, Procurer: hey, a man’s gotta make a living

Clanton fans, still stirring up trouble 130 years later. Seems to me owning/operating a brothel wasn’t that dishonorable in the Ancient West, but to some tightasses I suppose it’s a black mark against the Earps. Doesn’t tarnish my opinion of … Continue reading

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Get up with your get down

First, Madsen Pirie from the UK explains the economic concept of “value” in less than three minutes. Watch and learn. Found via Samizdata UK Secondly, the CATO Institute has their response to Tuesday’s SOTU. If the R’s would put something … Continue reading

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EarthFucker Bumper Stickers UPDATED

Robb Allen has ’em at Zazzle. UPDATE! Sadly, Zazzle won’t publish because of the Ford logo. Waaah! I’ll try to find a local printer who isn’t quite so anal. It’s the bottom part of the above image, with the “Because … Continue reading

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