EarthFucker Bumper Stickers UPDATED

Robb Allen has ’em at Zazzle.
UPDATE! Sadly, Zazzle won’t publish because of the Ford logo. Waaah! I’ll try to find a local printer who isn’t quite so anal.

It’s the bottom part of the above image, with the “Because it makes Gaia cry” slogan instead. Go buy!

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3 Responses to EarthFucker Bumper Stickers UPDATED

  1. anon says:

    Leave the damn Ford logo off. Why give the wackos reason to go after Ford?

    I doubt that Ford would thank you for it.

    Remove the logo.

  2. Chris K says:

    My buddy has a jacked Hummer with the license plate “GBLWRMR”

  3. Everybody's Dad says:

    Change the logo to Fnord as I have seen elsewhere!

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