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Canned Beef Shortage?

Per my conversation with the local store this afternoon, Costco apparently has discontinued their Kirkland “house brand” canned roast beef. It was excellent-quality lean Brazilian beef, and I like eating it straight from the can, or as a base for … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 02/28/09

From William Shirer’s Berlin Diary. This entry was during the German invasion of Poland, shortly after war rationing had been implemented in Germany (to much grumbling among the Germans, Shirer noticed). BERLIN, September 16 [1939] … An American woman I … Continue reading

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Do Want

I’m still working on my mancave garage library, but this fellow has got his work-from-home space done right: All that in an attic, folks! Would be a good blueprint for a TEOTWAWKI tv/satellite/radio monitoring and comms station, too, come to … Continue reading

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Home, Home

On the range. Where the Glocks and 1911’s they play. Where point and click happens and the paper targets we’re cappin’ and I brought enough ammo for all day! I’m packing the range bag and ammo can for range day … Continue reading

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Brewsky Report

I have a new favorite beer that’ll sit very well right alongside my Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale. It is from Dick’s Brewery in Centralia, WA and it is his original Dick’s Danger Ale. I really liked his seasonal Double Diamond … Continue reading

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Boomershoot Picture of the Day

You get a bunch of Boomershoot Pics at once today, because I missed a day or two being sick and dealing with some other stuff. Bonnie of Squeaky Wheel Seeks Grease blog is going to be using my old bench, … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/27/09

I’m honored It’s times like this that remind me of the differences between “conservatives” and “libertarians”. Conservatives are, through no fault of their own, grim  social maladroits incapable of thinking or drawing outside of the lines, constricted as they are … Continue reading

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By the dawn’s early light

We’re having a range-type shindig this weekend at Champion Arms in Kent, my co-workers and I are, and I though it might be a good idea to grab some more .380ACP this morning on my way home for it. I … Continue reading

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Call, call call and call again.

They want howls. We can give them howls. Despite the fact that tomorrow’s supposed to be the day to show love and affection, it looks like Canadian firearms enthusiasts aren’t much in love with parts of the government right now. … Continue reading

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I’ve Lost My Wife

…to a video game. Managed to get the company to spring for a Blackberry for her, and the next thing I know she’s spending all of dinner playing something called BrickBreaker. On the one hand, that’s annoying. On the other, … Continue reading

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