Brewsky Report

I have a new favorite beer that’ll sit very well right alongside my Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale.

It is from Dick’s Brewery in Centralia, WA and it is his original Dick’s Danger Ale. I really liked his seasonal Double Diamond Winter Ale, but this Danger Ale is kicking my ass even harder.

I’ll be going to the gunshow at the SW Washington Fairgrounds, also in Centralia, on the 14th of March and I may just stop into Dick’s and grab me a case of this stuff while I’m in town.

Also found in my new hometown via Dick’s website was Tacoma Pipe and Tobacco and World Beers. I don’t normally venture into that part of town simply because it is inconvenient and overly busy. But I think I’m going to make an exception.

Those of y’all who are going to be visiting the area in the not too distant future (you know who you are) might do well to look into their selection and let me know ahead of time if there is something you’ll want me to pick up for you. Their product list section is currently under development, but give them a jingle about that which you are looking for.

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4 Responses to Brewsky Report

  1. Petey says:

    I’m a big fan of Dick’s Barley Wine. I just can’t find it in Nebraska right now! We have beer distributers that refuse to bring certain products here; Strongbow, Widmier Brothers, Black Butte, aarrgghh!

  2. Erik Ordway says:

    Try some of his Rye brew. Actually try his rye with one of the sandwiches. They are closed on Sundays and close a little early on Saturday.

  3. Jim says:

    Give us a heads up for when you hit the gunshow, you might find a friendly face or two in the crowd 🙂

  4. Erik Ordway says:

    I think you meant the 28th not the 14th

    Sat. & Sun. March 28 & 29…

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