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Here we are, sitting around the cannibal pot….

Creepy story for you. The “Chichi-Jima Incident.” Gothic cannibalism. Japanese atrocities. George Bush. And it’s all true.

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Monster Roll

Just watch. It’s a short film that works equally well on its own or as a teaser. You’ll like this. Trust me.

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Shouldn’t there be a test or something?

A simple test about what the US Constitution says, as per the current SCOTUS rulings? I mean, you can’t swear to uphold and defend something you don’t understand, right? Case in point: Toni Preckwinkle, president of Illinois’s Cook County Board, … Continue reading

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Don’t Watch, Jim — it’s Live from New York

I’m currently livestreaming the webcam from the S. S. Gizneyland, which appears to be berthed at Manhattan’s 79th Street Boat Basin. As a landlubber, I’ve no idea whether or not the Gizneyland’s in danger, but all that bouncing around just … Continue reading

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Vehicular Slugs

Rivrdog found some interesting food for your shotgun. Monolithic Steel Slugs? Wow. Think I might pick up a case.

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Vote Republican — for a Change

Anybody else remember this old slogan from 1980? Looks like they probably do in the editorial departments of Iowa’s major newspapers.

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BAR-Magazine-Fed Garand

I’ve always been loath to convert my Garands to .308, but the temptation of, say, sending ’em to Shuff’s for a Mini-G conversion that takes M-14 magazines has always been in the back of my mind. No more. Mini-Gs are … Continue reading

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Holy Shit

This is simply unreal. If Obama happens to win the election, if this is true, I don’t see how he escapes being impeached and removed from office — even by a Democrat-majority Senate.

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Expired Potatoes? Yum!

I’m repeating this guy’s experiment. Same brand, same “best before” date of Dec. 2006. My instant mashed potatoes were stored in the garage for the last 6+ years, and our garage gets to 100 degrees-plus every summer. Only difference I … Continue reading

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Is life supposed to be this busy?

I’m sure that it is. And here is what I’m grooving to to get through it. Pearl Jam meets Rush?

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