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Alien Gear IWB Review

A couple months ago I was contacted by Tyler from Alien Gear Holsters about test driving one of their latest CloakTuck IWB holster. I already had an IWB holster from CrossBreed I was happy with, so I clicked out of … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies

The first one says it all really. The rest are just for show.

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The Good News

In the continuing saga of the table the brown shipping company destroyed, this week, after taking care of some business, I completed the rebuilding of said table. Since Daniel has been Customer of the Year, when he asked if he … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/29/14

This story And this post Can both be explained by this

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A sign of the coming of the apocalypse

The sequel that never was. Ridley Scott On The ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Script: ‘It’s Written And It’s Damn Good’ To which I reply: Good. Finally. And it damn well better be.

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Oh Noes!!11!

There might be a teacher in Texas who is certified to carry a firearm on school property! Texas school arms staff and warns visitors they will use force to protect students No surprise, the article is from where Great Britain … Continue reading

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I wonder how it feels

For them to have Obamacare take away their doctor? California Health Provider Regal Medical Group Rejects All ACA Insureds, Takes Everyone Else The always angry Karoli over at the hyper-leftist Crooks and Liars blog appears to have had her Obamacare … Continue reading

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Making the Facts Fit

Just because the science isn’t on their side doesn’t mean they’re anti-science. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has been caught red-handed manipulating temperature data to show “global warming” where none actually exists. At Amberley, Queensland, for example, the data at … Continue reading

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Hola, California!

Welcome to your official reality According to the Los Angeles Times, while introducing Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who said America is “the other Mexico,” Brown “spoke about the interwoven histories of Mexico and California.” He “nodded to the immigrants … Continue reading

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Racing the Clock

The President and his friends see their time in power waning and are hellbent on “fundamentally transforming the nation.” Groups that closely follow regulations are expecting the Obama administration to continue issuing controversial rules through the midterm elections, despite the … Continue reading

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