The Good News

In the continuing saga of the table the brown shipping company destroyed, this week, after taking care of some business, I completed the rebuilding of said table.

Since Daniel has been Customer of the Year, when he asked if he could replace the shear blade with a couple wrenches, I said I could do that.


Personally, I like this top better than the previous one it had.

It looked like this when it left my house.


The top passed all the weight tests, but I can’t do too much on my end to keep it from being shatter proof. So I placed props between the top and the foot and secured them with wrapping. I then wrapped the top to the foot to make doubly sure that the props were secured. Then I wrapped the middle section again.

I took it to the blue shipping company after I found a locally owned shipping place that works with them who had a guy behind the counter that knew what he was doing when it came to packing fragile items. I took insurance out on this again, just in case.

Everyone, cross your fingers. It should arrive Thursday or Friday.

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2 Responses to The Good News

  1. Merle says:

    Good luck! Hopefully the brown gods are no longer angry at you.


  2. DanielS says:

    Keeping fingers AND toes crossed.

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