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Let me see if I have this correct…..

Israel is blockading Gaza from the Mediterranian. Egypt is helping. The Turkish government is supporting a “Freedom Floatilla” to try and break that blockade (btw, an inspection of the cargo revealed some “questionable” items). Everyone remembers how it went for … Continue reading

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Taking bets

You’ve read those stories about how EPA employees tip of an environmentalist group about violations/non-enforcement of environmental laws by the EPA, and the environmentalist group files a suit they end up settling for millions of tax-payer dollars, which funds their … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/04/14

“Social Justice” only makes sense to those with brain injuries and mental health issues The idea of social justice is that the state should treat different people unequally in order to make them equal. Friedrich von Hayek These are the … Continue reading

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